With every purchase  of a baby keepsakes gifts I will send you a breastmilk kit which is included in the price of the item.  The return postage however is not covered so please ensure you put the correct postage on it so it doesn't get lost or delayed.  The kit will be pre-addressed.  Please send 15ml of your breastmilk.  It can be fresh or frozen.  Breastmilk can be sent through Royal Mail and does not require special packaging, couriers or refrigeration.  If the breastmilk arrives contaminated I will not be able to use it and will need to get another sample - let's hope that doesn't happen.

For anyone not in mainland UK please contact me for a bespoke quote for postage.

For items such as ashes once the order is placed I will email with delivery details and some instructions.


For all other inclusions that do not require a breastmilk kit, (ashes, babyhair, placenta, placenta capsule, fur, teeth, feathers and much much more) once the order is placed I will email you my address to send it to with some instructions. If you need any help or advice please just ask and I will do whatever I can to help.


These items are designed for you to wear as much as you like, however, as with all jewellery you need to take care of it. 

Please keep your item away from water, do not bath or shower with it on, this will damage your precious item.

Please do not subject your item to intense heat, moisturisers, lotions, oils or perfumes.

Please do not wear on the sunbed or under UV lights.

Please take care of your precious item, they can be damaged and are not impervious to bangs and knocks.

Please do not use any polishing agents or abrasive cloths.