What Is The Psychology Behind The Colours Pink & Purple?

Guest Blog Written By Gemma Storey From Infinity Creative

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Did you know that ​​colour can play an important role in conveying information non-verbally, creating certain moods, and even influencing the decisions people make? Given that 90% of snap judgments are influenced by the psychological effects of colour alone, it’s important to know what colours mean and what responses they can evoke – this is called colour psychology and it’s a real thing! 

As a Brand Alchemist, I know that ​​colour is one of the most important components of visual branding. Staying consistent with your brand colours creates customer loyalty and your clients or customers will form strong feelings when they look at your chosen brand colours, which is why it’s so important to choose them wisely for your business and how you plan to attract your ideal clients or customers.

As a friend of Erin’s, and noting her brand colours for Eternally Cherished, I thought it would be fun to explain the psychology behind the colours pink and purple. 

The Colour Meaning Of Pink

Seen by many as a ‘feminine’ colour, pink is one of the most popular colours brands use when designing graphics and marketing materials aimed primarily at women. This is because shades of pink are commonly associated with emotions like love, kindness, tenderness, and affection. 

Whichever tone you choose, the colour pink is ultimately a combination of red and white. It takes the fiery and passionate tones of red with the pure and soothing qualities of white. The deeper shades of pink express passion, while lighter shades are more caring and gentle. 

Pink also evokes feelings of love, kindness, and understanding, the colour pink embodies all that is good in the world. Pink seeks to make others feel accepted by offering an unmatched level of sympathy. As an exceedingly approachable colour, pink doesn’t intimidate or threaten. Instead, it offers the complete opposite effect. 

Pink Symbolises: compassion, love, femininity, playfulness

Effects of Pink: sympathises, calms, nurtures, comforts

Positive Traits: kindness, warmth, romance, intuition

Negative Traits: emotional, timid, immature, unconfident

Brands That Use Pink: Cosmopolitan, Benefit, Breast Cancer Charity, Soap & Glory

The Colour Meaning Of Purple

Purple is a colour associated with royalty, luxury, spirituality, and the supernatural. These associations came from thousands of years ago when our world was just learning about the colour purple. In ancient times, producing dyes was a costly process that required a lot of effort. And the colour purple was especially expensive to produce – hence why the colour is often connected to feelings of opulence and grandeur.

Purple is also a combination of red and blue. With red’s energy and blue’s calm, purple is a colour that inspires reflection and self-awareness. It balances the energy, power, and intensity of red and the relaxation, stability, and authority of blue, creating perfect harmony. For those reasons, purple has always had a powerful and supernatural aura, which is why it often appears in religious constructions or celebrations.

The colour purple encourages self-knowledge, deepening our understanding of our innermost thoughts. It calls for spiritual growth and offers guidance in our personal pursuits, keeping the mind, body, and soul in harmony.

Purple Symbolises: spirituality, mystery, royalty, imagination

Effects of Purple: enlightens, inspires, uplifts, encourages

Positive Traits: compassion, fantasy, wisdom, creativity

Negative Traits: sensitive, vigilant, immature, emotional

Brands That Use Purple: Cadbury, Hallmark, Twitch, Zoopla

Why Your Colour Palette Branding Matters

From your website and emails to business cards and logo, your colour palette branding is a big presence across all of your marketing platforms, so we have to make sure we get this decision right.

Everyone strives to make a good first impression, and your colour palette plays an important role in creating that impression for your brand. Your brand’s colours should reflect how you want to make someone feel when they think about your company. So whether you’re starting fresh or rebranding, it’s time to take a look at your colour palette and check it’s inviting the right emotions and feelings for your ideal audience.

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Since colour has the power to evoke emotions, encourage conversions and even generate brand loyalty when used correctly, it’s not something you can look at as a last-minute decision. By assigning a brand identity colour palette to your website, logo, and business materials, you’re subconsciously creating psychological connections with your audience. The only question is whether you’re inspiring the right emotions or not. If you’re ever unsure about your colour palette, then please feel free to book in a mini brand audit with me and I can share with you my feedback.

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