Stepping into Self-Employment kinda like this photo!

OK so 2020 WOW what a year, looking back feels quite surreal but most importantly we are here together, relatively unscathed in 2021! We made it this far!
I guess the start to this year is not going as well as everyone planned, myself included. I have recently become 100% self-employed – and what does that feel like I hear you ask? Terrifying is my response!
I guess it is normally a big leap of faith to go self-employed full stop but to do it during a global pandemic may seem like utter madness, maybe it is, I guess mad people don’t really know they are mad, do they? Hmmmm one to ponder!
2020 taught me so much about myself and my business. It taught me that my family is so important to me. I was so caught up in the monotony of routine to really realise what I have been missing.
I went back to full-time employment when my daughter was 4 months old, and my partner took 5 months of shared parental leave after that, so he had more time off with her than I ever have. It was what we needed to do financially to live so we did it, without even really thinking about it. It was just something we had to do.
Looking back at pictures of her how tiny she was, how dependant she was my heart breaks as I know I can never ever get that time back. As she had grown older, I changed jobs to one that gave me 3 days off but meant I worked 4, 13+ hour days so I did not see her much maybe for 30 minutes each day if I was lucky.
But, yet again, this was something that I had to do, I needed to do it. I did not imagine a time or a place where I could work for myself and my business and generate enough income to provide for my family. I did not have enough confidence in myself, I guess.
I joined a few business groups, connected with some people but did not really do anything with it. UNTIL the beginning of 2020 I told myself if I wanted to be serious and make significant changes to my life then I would need to be more visible, more present, more out there. This is something that does not come naturally to me, I am a confident person, but a natural introvert so likes to sit back observe. BUT I cannot do that if I want to move on, grow, and develop as a person and my business!
So, I started networking, I did not really know what that was about, to be honest, but hey I tried it, I quite liked it. I developed relationships with people, got to know people on a personal level, and learned from people. This is now a community that supports me, helps me, and is my biggest cheerleaders.
I achieved a lot in 2020, I was nominated for various awards, a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, a winner in the Women Who Achieve Awards but my biggest success was gaining clarity.
The clarity for what I want my life to be like. The clarity for how I want to live. This week is my first week of being self-employed. I have launched a new website, I have added new lines, I have worked on my social media, I have rested. Most importantly to me of all of it, I have been able to collect my daughter from nursery, we have walked home together every day, regardless of the weather, we have cooked and eaten family meals together, and therefore I will be successful.
I have already lost so much time which I will never get back, I will not lose anymore. What is it like stepping into self-employment? Terrifying but it is worth everything!